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Welcome to Realmont Property Partners, experts in Australian property investment and management. We are the engine room of value creation, driven by our passion for turning opportunities into brilliant property investments.


We leverage our decades of Australian property and funds management experience to connect our institutional and high net worth clients to the right property deals in Australia while deploying an intensive asset management model to drive performance and deliver robust investment outcomes.

We are the arms, legs, eyes and ears our clients rely upon to invest with conviction. We work tirelessly to maximise their real estate investment returns. 

Conviction and endurance are everything to us. We deploy intelligent analysis and rigour in our decision-making processes, while actively maintaining deep industry relationships to ensure we always have the right connections and information when it is needed the most.

Our model is built on our philosophy of shared success; we measure our own success by the sustained results we achieve for or clients.

We care deeply about delivering a personalised investment service and nurturing a loyal group of clients who return to our independent platform again and again because our strategies work. Our clients understand we will always work in their best interests.

We know Australian property – from north to south, east and west, across every sector – and we are passionate about sharing our knowledge with our clients to make intelligent, informed decisions.


The Realmont Advantage

The engine room of value creation.


Realmont provides an end-to-end investment management service built to perform; we are relentless in our pursuit of making property investments better through intelligent decision making and intensive asset management.

We take great pride in understanding our clients’ needs and matching those requirements to attractive product.

Through our end-to-end investment and asset management service, we seek to grow income, drive capital value, identify value-add opportunities and de-risk investments.

Our guarantee is that we will always act in the best interests of our clients, operating openly, with transparency, and within a strong governance framework.

We can arrange capital, source and secure investment opportunities (both on and off market), identify and manage asset refurbishments, develop and execute leasing strategies, all while performance managing every aspect of a property’s day to day operations.

Much more than that, we believe our role is also to impart the knowledge we have built over decades to enable our clients to make decisions with confidence and conviction.

At Realmont, there is never a one-size fits all approach to our investment strategies. We tailor our strategies according to our clients’ needs and have research backed and evidence-based investment conviction. It’s yet another advantage of our independence and boutique operating environment.

We share a passion for a job well done.

Realmont Property Partners is built on a culture of collaboration and inclusiveness. We know the difference between a good decision and a smart decision, and are prepared to look at an opportunity from every angle.

Most of all, our team of like-minded people share a passion for property, people and a job well done.  



We don’t just seek value, we create it.


Realmont Property Partners was established to create a bespoke investment service for institutional-grade clients generating optimum returns from Australian real estate.


We are the engine room of value creation; dedicated to making property investments great through informed decision-making and intelligent asset management.

We work with the brightest minds and the biggest brands in the Australian property and funds management sectors, leveraging our collective experience to deliver fresh ideas in a nimble environment. With our institutional background and commitment to high quality governance, we possess the due process and controls our clients demand.

We focus on a single niche in the global investment universe – Australian real estate.

This singular focus has allowed us to build multi-generational experience to guide our investment decision-making and provides us with the ability to see opportunities that others may not.

We cherish our independent platform; we are not beholden to the conflicting interests of a parent entity or balance sheet priority. This allows us to provide a flexible, nimble service and objective advice that our clients value.

We seek to:


Based in Sydney, we manage strategic partnerships, separate accounts and have significant experience in funds management with a multi-sector focus on Australian real estate markets.

We are most passionate about creating enduring client relationships by delivering outstanding property investment outcomes.

Realmont Real Assets Pty Ltd is the Trustee and holder of Australian Financial Services License #499628. Both Jason Ferris and Byron Byrne act as Responsible Managers for the license.


We aim to be an enduring partner for institutional clients in Australian property, consistently connecting the right clients to the right opportunities and managing those assets intensively to extract optimum value.  


To consistently deliver outstanding investment outcomes from Australian real estate.


Our model is built on shared success; we measure our own success by the sustained results we achieve for our clients.  

We apply rigour to everything we do, providing the in-depth analysis, research, experience and hands on know-how our clients need to be able to invest with conviction.


Our team has been investing in and managing Australian real estate for nearly four decades. We understand instinctively the rhythm of the Australia property market and its players, leveraging our knowledge to identify opportunities and maximise value from acquisition, management and divestment. 


 Our assets under management



Tailored solutions, every time.


When you invest with Realmont, you invest with a team of people dedicated to listening to your needs and tailoring an investment strategy according to those needs. We are passionate about matching the right deals to the right investors.

We are flexible and nimble in our approach; it’s the distinct advantage that comes with being an independent boutique.

At an asset level, we are experts in all facets of office, retail and industrial property, as well as select alternative sectors. We manage from beginning to end, which means all of the investments we manage start with a strongly articulated plan for acquisition, management milestones within the hold period, and likely divestment window in order to realise returns and deliver on strategy.

We understand each client has investment requirements unique to them, which is why we tailor our solutions, every time.



For strategic partners with core investment objectives, Realmont offers the management of co-mingled funds, separate accounts and strategic partnership/club structures. These core investment strategies focus on both asset and space market attributes by maintaining a disciplined approach to the management of risk–return parameters and an ability to capitalise on volatility. This strategy seeks to provide a robust total return, with an emphasis on providing a sustainable or growing income stream.


separate accounts

Realmont works directly with individual clients to create bespoke investment structures and strives to implement investment strategies which fully consider and meet the discretion of the client, including investment parameters, return hurdles, threshold to risk and holding strategy.



For our strategic partners with core-plus/value-add investment objectives, Realmont offers both co-mingled funds and separate accounts. Realmont’s core plus/value-add investment strategies seek to drive returns through applying an entrepreneurial and risk-focused approach to intensive management, redevelopment and capital structuring in order to achieve targeted total return and consistent cash distributions.


Asset Management

Realmont delivers disciplined and intensive asset management of day-to-day operations to protect net rental income, implement tenant retention strategies, vacancy leasing and generate additional income opportunities. Realmont will ensure operational efficiencies including procurement of building services, enhancement of value through capital spending and strong asset reporting and governance. Development services are delivered to property and/or fund specific projects to be completed on time and within budgeted cost.


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